EP 035: Hey Mr. Sandman

https://feed.podbean.com/historycal/feed.xml Some of the stories we’ve told so far might creep into your livelier and more technicolor dreamscapes, but today we’re going a little less Walking on Sunshine and a little more Toccata & Fugue in D minor. So lock your doors, switch on your brightest lights, and pop over to Instagram afterwards, which is… Continue reading EP 035: Hey Mr. Sandman

EP 034: This Night in Spain

https://feed.podbean.com/historycal/feed.xml We’re dishing out some very handy medieval marriage tips today, so grab your partner, your career, or whatever else keeps you warm at night, and remember to subscribe and come and join us on Instagram and Facebook, which are excellent places to celebrate not being shacked up with Henry VIII. I know you’ve heard… Continue reading EP 034: This Night in Spain

EP 032: If the Shoe Fits

https://feed.podbean.com/historycal/feed.xml I make no promises to refrain from foot based humour throughout this episode, but the first limb I’m going out on is the purely metaphorical assumption that you’re all familiar with some iteration of the Cinderella Story. But in just in case, I’ll summarize: If Disney’s classic is to be believed (spoiler: it isn’t)… Continue reading EP 032: If the Shoe Fits

EP 031: Man’s Best Friend

https://historycal.podbean.com/e/ep-031-man-s-best-friend/ We’re not given to divisive politics here at Historycal, but at the risk of splitting the room, the phrase 'man’s best friend' refers, obviously, to dogs. If you disagree with this assessment, feel no obligation to continue with this instalment – episode 22 about madness is also very good. What we are all about… Continue reading EP 031: Man’s Best Friend

EP 030: Varney the Vampire

https://historycal.podbean.com/e/ep-030-varney-the-vampire/ Unlike the humble penny dreadful, we’re not in the business of cheap thrills, and we definitely don’t want to distress anyone, so I’ll start with some news that I’m sure will come as a massive comfort to any of you still stuffing garlic into your unmentionables and worrying about the price of silver: According… Continue reading EP 030: Varney the Vampire

EP 028: I Have Not Shot Her Yet

https://historycal.podbean.com/e/ep-028-i-have-not-shot-her-yet/ Dorothy Parker was born Dorothy Rothschild in 1893, and she’s best remembered as an American poet, writer, critic, satirist and, as some sources claim, a conversationalist. Which basically just means that she dared to express her opinions at a time when most women weren’t aware that they were allowed to have any. Parker’s father… Continue reading EP 028: I Have Not Shot Her Yet

EP 026: Jibes, Jeers, and other Sick Burns

https://historycal.podbean.com/e/ep-026-jibes-jeers-and-other-sick-burns/ If you had parents and grandparents that were anything like mine, you likely had three lessons drummed into your head: never trust a man with white socks, cereal is not dinner, and if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I’d just like to start by saying that cereal… Continue reading EP 026: Jibes, Jeers, and other Sick Burns